Sacramento Space Ace Review

from Eric Colson:
Hello Space Ace fans…..
I drove from Sacramento to San Fransisco to see Ace Frehley and his new band. The set list was pretty much the same as all the shows , I was there early to try and get Ace’s Auotgraph . at about 3 pm a BMW rolled up and out he came. He walked by all of us and headed right inside. Only three people got to even shake his hand. and He did one autograph. . I was a little bummed that he just bolted inside. anyhow they really did a long sound check so maybe thats why all the shows have sounded so good!! They work for a few hours on Fractured Mirror so down the road I bet they add it to the set list. I thought for sure I was going to hear it again but they did not play it on that night anyway.
Anyhow after a 3 hour sound check Ace came back outside to get in that same BMW and I was ready with pen to have him sign my Ace Frehley solo record . I tried to get a shot of him singing my buddies smoking ace poster but he said no pictures. Honestly he yelled no pictures. I was a little bummed by this but if he said no pictures then I stopped, the guy behind me snapped one and thats when he got a little pissed. I did get to sneek in
my camera into show and took a few good shots from 10 to 20 feet back and almost got nailed by the staff for taking in a camera.
I wish I could have got Ace to sign one more item for me for a real good friend who is going through some terrible Cancer treatments right now . He’s a big fan and loves Ace and all the real Kiss members. But I was one of maybe 6 people who got one before he took off in the BMW. Maybe if the guy behind me would have listen to ace say no pictures he would have signed a few more.
Hope you like the shots I took.
Eric Colson