Winnipeg Gets Blasted!

Ace’s Rocket Ride tour came through Winnipeg and I have to say: It was all that I expected & more! Being a fan since Kiss’s conception some 35 years ago, I knew that they were going places despite the nay-sayers at the time. Sure they were written off as a “musical circus act”,but they were true to their fans and thusly, created one of the most loyal fan clubs in history known as the “Kiss Army”. But you all probably know that already so lets jump back to the future. March 12 at the Garrick Center in Winnipeg, MB was , to me , a special night because I was about to hear all my favorite songs from the spaceman himself. Not only did he play them but he did so with all the showmanship of a true rock and roll legend. With guitars a blazin’ and fingers flying, he truly showed how rock should be played both back in his heyday as well as now. It’s great to see that he’s still got it. Rock on Ace. God bless ya and hope to see you pass this way again in the real near future. Release the new record already! I’m getting Itchy . LUV YA