Ace’s Show at the House of Blues

By Patti aka Sacto Patti:

Ace’s show at the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA Saturday night was full-on Frehley rock and roll and then some.  It was so obvious that Ace is all there, sober, happy and healthy.  While he’s always oozed rock and roll…right now there’s just something inherently more *special* about his rock and roll ooze.      Seriously, Ace is back in a big way and his band of sober musicians kicks all kinds of ass for him.  Glad that all of this happened this way.  They really gel live.

For those that know me…get ready for a Patti-fied show review.  In other words, it’s not short.   

I was near tears soon after Rip It Out started, I gotta tell ya.  The last time I saw Ace live was with Richie, Karl and Steve at the NY Steel benefit concert in November 2001.  I know that there’s alot of folks that haven’t seen him solo since prior to the KISS reunion, so it’s just all a very special thing right now for everyone.  That’s part of the magic IMO…speaking with other Ace fans before the show started that are really intense Ace fans and LOVE the fact that he’s back…not just back, but BACK!  Know what I mean?      I did end up at this show solo as my co-worker couldn’t get out of a prior committment (her loss!), and I staked my claim on the barricade right smack dab in the middle between Ace’s and Derrick’s mic stands.

As I mentioned in another post, the real surprise was when he started announcing “2,000 Man”…he started off by going into the fact that he didn’t write this song, and that it was written by Mick Jagger…well that’s all I needed to hear and I proceeded to become a goofball.  LOL  It sounded great!  I truly was surprised at how great the medley sounded…once again, Ace and band are great together.  Man, “Torpedo Girl” kicked ass and hell, even “Five Card Stud” rocked!  I never did care for that song, but hey…Ace didn’t ask me what to include from Trouble Walkin in the medley.  LOL   At least “Trouble Walkin” was in there…I LOVE THAT SONG!

Can we talk about “Snowblind”??  OMG, they really ripped that one up, and the breakdown at the end while going into the portion of “I Want You” was great.  I was wondering what that was going to sound like (on purpose, I haven’t listened to more than Rip It Out on the boots).  Scott Coogan has one hell of a great voice!

I ended up lucking out by getting two of Ace’s picks…and the first one was the one he tossed after his Shock Me solo spot.  Talk about a used pick…!!

Before leaving the stage for the night, Ace said “We’ll see ya next time around!”.  Has he been saying that at all the shows?  At any rate, I gotta tell ya…I hope that is freaking true!  

Hope everyone who hasn’t seen a show yet gets their chance…

“Look, it’s rock and roll!”

Edited to add:  OMG, I forgot all about Rocket Ride!!   Holy crap, that’s when I really became a goober…I about split into twins!  I know everyone knows that’s in the setlist, but….OMG!  LOL   That song is just the sh*t…total glory!