Ace Frehley In New York, New York April 4th!

Hey guys……Dont know if there is communication problems but last night at nokia no cameras were allowed and if you got one in, as soon as you were spotted with it you were set upon. (they had guys from above pointing out people to the guys below up front and then going after them. It was not cool at all.)  I even called carol before the show to confirm the camera thing.  She wasnt there but the secretary knew nothing about it.  And it really sucked because i was in a great spot and could have gotten incredible pics.  Anyway, the show was great. ACE was incredible. He seems to be paying so much attention to and “feeling” every note he plays.  Like he has a new appreciation for the music he has given us over the years.  It really was great to see. 

P.S. I’ve been a kiss and ace fan since i was 13.  And that was 34 years ago!  I have some pics from the halloween show but i took them on old school 35mm and havent done them yet.  When i do, if they are ok i will send them in. 

have a great day……..Steve

note from SpaceAceOnline…  Ace has no control over rules at venues concerning camera’s…  We can’t wait to see the Halloween shots you took!